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Q&A  about wholesale audio club:

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Q:  How is Wholesale Audio Club different from all the other wholesale companies on the internet?

A:  The answer is simple.  Most of the other "wholesale offers"  online are available to the general public.

With these other so called wholesale companies,  there is no separation between wholesaler, dealer, and the end user (consumer).

Real wholesalers will only sell  B2B Drop Ship ( Business to Business )  Any company offering "wholesale deals" that does not require a business license or tax i.d. from you  is not a real wholesale distributor.   You have to ask yourself,  "Do I want to buy from a discounted retailer or a real master-distributor?  The answer is obvious, with Wholesale Audio Club, we only sell wholesale packages to licensed re-sellers. All 145 wholesale electronics warehouses within our network require a business license or tax i.d. from all members.  There is . This keeps the integrity in place between the true wholesale supplier and the dealer. 

Call   951-319-8485   with any additional questions.   

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